15 Month Checkup

She’s still just growing like a weed! And if you haven’t seen or heard her in awhile, she jabbers non-stop these days. She amazed us last night with a ‘2 word phrase.’ I came to get her out of the bathtub and she waved at Brandy and said, “Bye Momma.”

Last Friday she had her official 15 month checkup with Dr. Betty and here are her stats:

  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Height: 31in

She got a taste of the good stuff

See that little smile. It’s because she tasted Chicken Express. She loves the okra (like any self respecting southern woman), the corn nuggets and she rounded it off with some chicken. She also loves to use the fork. She can’t quite get the food on the fork, but she knows how to hold the fork and put it in her mouth. Then she grunts until you load it up again! If she ask for sweet tea I know my work is done.



Watch Me Grow

So Rylan has turned 1.  It is so bittersweet. She is no longer a baby, but a toddler. I’m getting very emotional here lately. I can’t believe the baby stage of our life is over. Here are a few pictures of her party for those interested in the details. Make sure you click on the picture to see more birthday fun!


And so it begins the “yuck” stage

It’s great when they start eating table food, but man is it messy. We find bits of food all over her. I was just talking to my friends Kasey and Janna and saying how jealous I was of their kids actually eating. Rylan for some reason really turned it on this week. She is eating pasta, cheese, yogurt, ritz crackers, popcicles. You name it she’ll try it!