State Fair 2009

A couple weeks ago we all went to the great State Fair of Texas.  Brandy and I really only go for all the fried food goodness (can you say fried butter?).  We all had a blast.

While this isn’t the first time Gareth has been to the fair, this is certainly the most fun he’s ever had!  Checkout the pictures below to share in the fun.  We have some great video clips too, but I can’t get them to work.  Hopefully I can make that happen tomorrow.
(OK, I’ll admit that last one wasn’t from the fair, but how cool does he look?)

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You should see the other guy

Not really, but it would have made a better story. So Gareth, being Gareth, was running full force at school today and went head on into the fort. The story is the stair to the fort was still standing and Gareth had a busted nose to show for the run in.


Not to mention the splinter he had in his hand. It finally had to be taken out with a credit card and tweezer. It was a rough day for Gareth.  But nothing rice krispee treats and a coke can’t take care of.


The 4 year stats

On Monday Gareth had his ‘well child checkup’ with Dr. Betty.  His official stats were:

  • Weight: 33lbs
  • Height: 39.5in (3ft 3.5in)

He’s just shy of the 50th percentile for both measurements, but Dr. Betty said he looks great and will probably (hopefully) have an increased appetite in the next year or so which should help get his weight up.

He, of course, amazed her with his vocabulary and knowledge.  We all know how smart he is!

4 Years Old

Today is Gareth’s 4th birthday.  He’s growing up so fast.  We can’t believe he starts ‘big school’ in just one more year!

Yesterday we celebrated his birthday with friends and family at the Wiggly Play Center.  Anyone who knows Gareth knows how much he loves The Wiggles, so of course, he had a blast.  Unfortunately there’s a bug going around school and several of our RSVPs ended up sick and stuck at home.  We sure missed them.

You can check out the pictures in the gallery.

Here’s a couple video clips of the fun Gareth and friends had yesterday.

Gareth’s 4th Birthday Party (flv, 50MB)
Gareth Playing the Drums (flv, 5.5MB)