Potty update

I swear, he’s a genius! So Thursday was the first real day of progress, and then Friday and Saturday were like miracle days! Only once accident on Friday, and no issues since then! We don’t get a lot of warning, but he always tells us when he needs to potty and so far we haven’t missed one yet. Now, we have had a few “false positives” where he claimed he needed to go only to immediately be “done” when his tush touched the potty

Potty time

So Gareth is embarking on a brave, new adventure. You might think we’re crazy for doing this right before Rylan is born, but Mrs. Laura at school thinks he’s ready and we’d love to only have one set of diapers to change!

So pray for all of us! So far we’ve made very modest steps.

Going back in time

You may have noticed this blog has gone back in time. We had an unfortunate event occur with our web hosting provider and we’ve lost everything added to this site since July 2007. I’m working on gathering up the pictures and videos we’ve added since then and I’ll update this post with all that stuff when I get it together.

Here are the pictures:
dscf2947_02.jpg dscf2946_02.jpg img_0835.JPG img_0763.JPG gareth-santa-2007.JPG

And here are the videos:
Wiggles Concert (wmv, 2.3MB)
Jingle Bells (wmv, 1.9MB)
Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas (wmv, 1.5MB)