You should see the other guy

Not really, but it would have made a better story. So Gareth, being Gareth, was running full force at school today and went head on into the fort. The story is the stair to the fort was still standing and Gareth had a busted nose to show for the run in.


Not to mention the splinter he had in his hand. It finally had to be taken out with a credit card and tweezer. It was a rough day for Gareth.  But nothing rice krispee treats and a coke can’t take care of.


She got a taste of the good stuff

See that little smile. It’s because she tasted Chicken Express. She loves the okra (like any self respecting southern woman), the corn nuggets and she rounded it off with some chicken. She also loves to use the fork. She can’t quite get the food on the fork, but she knows how to hold the fork and put it in her mouth. Then she grunts until you load it up again! If she ask for sweet tea I know my work is done.